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About our chiller water

Chiller water is a safe drop-in liquid for all water chiller systems.

Your machines will run better, safer, cooler and smoother ! Chiller water will save you money and it will keep your equipment in top condition.


lubricates better

Specially formulated for tight specifications. Prevents lock-ups when machines sit dormant for longer periods


has higher thermal transmissions

Transfers and transports thermal energy quicker. Higher heat absorbtion rates make your system react faster to change.


extends machine life

Less friction and less wear on your moving parts means your machines will last longer with fewer maintenance.


runs at lower temperatures

Machines can run at lower temperatures with less risk of freezing up or cracking due to lower freezing points.


prevents organic contamination

Algea and bacteria love lukewarm water typically found in chiller systems. Chiller water prevents them from forming.

Get it at your local retailer !

Chiller water is sold through your local machine supplier and is available at local retailers.

Can't find chiller water in your neighborhood ? Order it here, or have your retailer contact us for favorable delivery terms.


Or become a chiller-water retailer now !

Chiller water is a great product for your upsell or local distribution network. Easy to store, easy to sell. Chiller water does not have a limited shelf life so you can buy in bulk and save money.

Chiller water retailers benefit from very favorable terms , high yield margins and a protected exclusive sales region.

Send your inquiry now to : retail@chillerwater.com and join the chiller water family !


Chiller water is available in different volumes or containers to accomodate everyone from small consumer to large supply chain.

1 liter bottle

perfect to have on-site for smaller systems and quick top off's.

5 liter jerry can

Everyone's favorite ! Our standard universal container for all medium systems

10 liter jerry can

Why get 5 when you can have 10 for the price of 8 ! buy smarter, get more , pay less.

25 liter jerry can

Easy cans that can still be lifted ; suitable for larger systems.

1.000 liter IBC container

international bulk containers are very cost effective and are well suited for local redistributors.

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Why choose chiller-water ?

There simply is no better alternative to protect your expensive machines !

Specially formulated

Chiller-water is a special blend of waterbased chemicals extremely well suited for it's heat transferring capabilities and protective qualities.
It's blend is monitored daily in real life situations.

Friendly on the environment

Chiller water has no negative impact on the environment. It is synthesized by hydrating naturally occuring oxides.

No better protection

Chiller water has the best mix of properties in it's class. There simply is no better alternative for drop-in chiller-water that will protect like chiller water does.






lower running temps


Euro's for total machine protection

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